Computer Repairs & Technical Support

At Cool Network Solutions, we understand the need for quality for professionals at a competitive price. Our technicians are experienced and reliable, and combine 10+ years of technical experience and know-how. Our team of experts are always up for the challenge, whether it be a virus removal, operating system refresh or whole office Wi-Fi Install we have a solution to keep your devices running smooth.

Check your PC Health Today

Check your PC Health Today

Computer health is important, our state-of-the-art software provides real-time updates on your PCs' current performance and health.

Computer Language

Computer Language

Computer's have their own way of speaking and our team at Cool Network Solutions is prepared to keep your PC running smooth.

Inside of Computer

Inside of Computer

No need to worry about what goes where and what is this cable attached to our team at CNS guarantees a quality job with 100% satisfaction.

Virus Removal

Desktops & Laptops

Our friendly and helpful staff carefully approaches each PC. We study your needs to create a perfect solution — this includes full diagnostic reports, virus scanning and physical cleaning of device. Call and schedule today! (855) 495 - 5975

Hardware Consultation

A Tale of Success

Hardware choices can be confusing, many times we know what we want but not how to get there. Our friendly teams offers fast and economical solutions to common upgrade quesions. Strategic implementation of GPUs, SSDs and CPUs will increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Operating System Refresh

Breathing New Life into your PC

Often users notice their PC slows down as it ages, many times a simple Operating System reinstall returns a PC to factory status. If your PC is on the fritz and has persistent virus and performance issues, an O/S refresh may be the solution for you.

Prevantative Maintenance

Monitor & Maintain

Antivirus, Tune-ups and Backups are a part of a PCs life. Just with our automobiles many times we forget the importance of maintenance. Our solutions incorporate prevention as first priority, don't let a molehill turn into a mountain. Starting small and being proactive is key to reducing headaches.

Data Recovery & Migration

When Disaster Strikes

Migration of any scale is time-consuming and tedious, if you recently purchased a new PC or noticed failures on your current hard drive then our migration services may be right for you. No matter the concern we offer both migration and recovery services, that quickly and securely transfer files and data. We understand the importance of data, let CNS be your peace of mind.

Technology Education

Each One, Teach One

Clients often search for ways to expand understanding and improve skills, our services are tailored to shape client's capabilities towards growth and development. Today business has turned to technology and we’re proud to transfer such knowledge to our customers.

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