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Cool Network Solutions was established in 2015 as a technology consultation firm providing solutions to a broad range of clients, the company believes in standards that improve everyday life through unique and diverse solutions to current computing obstacles in today's homes and businesses. Our key to the approach is customer satisfaction and our mission, has sought opportunity within the technology industry through disposing of old equipment; many clients have shown interest in custom solutions in the face of technological adavancement. Our customer-driven experience focuses within computer repair and sales, managed services, consulation, design and procurement. We exemplify our standards by honoring our word and pursuring goals driven by a desire to develop long standing client relationships and recognition in the Metro Detroit community.


At CNS, we want every customer to be more than satisfied so we contribute extensive research time to determine our clients’ need and then construct a solution to meet the need for “form, fit and function.” Our unique Intuitouch experience brings quality where traditional approaches continue to slack, and ensures our team closely assists in the development, sourcing and building of a complete solution that geniuinely fits our clients’ needs and expectations.

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